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Benefit Concert for Philip E. Layton School

Saturday, October 13 | St. Philip’s Anglican Church Hall
6:00 p.m. 7505 Sherbrooke Street, West, Corner Of Connaught

It's a benefit concert for Philip E. Layton School for the visually impaired featuring Caribbean Voices, Westcan Folk Performing Company, Darlene Judd, Shakiah Kennedy, Arlene Wilson, Yaela”s Quartet, Jenna Noel, Delter Antoine, Constantine Greenaway, Mike Ciccariello, Ladies In Black, Byron “Doggies” Cameron and more!

Come out and support a worthy cause. All proceeds will be going towards camp and breakfast programs.


DONATION $20 | CHILDREN 6-12 YRS $5 | 13- 16 YRS $10
FOR INFO: (514) 484-6111, 514 483-0550

Pre-Paid Cafeteria Meal Card

In anticipation of all the lunches to be enjoyed this school year, the EMSB’s Nutrition and Food Services are offering a convenient Pre-Paid Cafeteria Meal Card for your child(ren) to use in all EMSB High School cafeterias. This Meal Card allows students to avoid the need to carry money and shortens their wait time to enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal. A Meal Card is valid for 10 meal deals* at a discounted price!

Menu and Price List  Prepaid Meal Card