Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.)

The Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.) gives the opportunity for parents to be involved in the day-to-day life of a school. By law, the PPO has a twofold purpose: 1) to encourage parents to be involved in fostering their child’s academic success and 2) to collaborate in developing, implementing and evaluating the school’s educational project. The P.P.O. can also advise the parent representatives on the school’s Governing Board about parents’ concerns. The Governing Board may consult the P.P.O. when parents’ opinions and ideas are needed (Education Act, Section 96-3).

For more information on Quebec Parent Participation Organizations, please visit the Fédération des comités de parents de Québec

Executive Committee 2015-2016:

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P.P.O. Facebook Group:

This group facilitates the partnership between Bancroft Elementary School's Parent Participation Organization (PPO) and the Parent Community, to include sharing volunteer opportunities, event notices and other communications.

Parents and staff members are welcome to join our facebook group. This is a closed group so every request must be approved by an administrator before begin accepted as a member.

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