Community Partners

Bancroft school works with several community partners to offer special activities and experiences for our students

Les Amis de la Montagne's mission is to protect and enhance Mount Royal with a focus on community involvement and environmental education.

Through their initiatives for advocacy, education, outreach activities and projects for improvement and development, Les Amis de la Montagne offers the community the opportunity to express themselves and take part the preservation of Mount Royal.

Les Amis de la Montagne works with Bancroft School by......

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Commonly referred to as the Main, the Saint-Laurent Boulevard is a one of a kind cultural, creative and innovative attraction that is animated all day and all night. Representing more than 600 businesses and organizations between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal, the SDBSL's mission is to ensure the economic, social and cultural development of the area.

The SDBSL works with Bancroft School to ..........

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The Milton Park Recreation Association is a as an active community centre that is constantly evolving within its community. Milton Park offers recreational activities to adults and children in the community.

Milton Park partners with Bancroft School to offer....

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Sun Youth works with individuals and families in need from the Greater Montreal area by providing a range of emergency services to ensure basic needs and to preserve people’s integrity, by contributing actively to crime prevention and by promoting physical, social and intellectual development of people through education, sports and recreation.

Bancroft School is an active participant in Sun Youth’s Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution Program. Through this program, Bancroft School has access to a Youth and Social Mentor, an additional resource that will support school staff during the year by fostering positive relationships amongst students.

Social mentors are chosen both for their skills and for their interpersonal skills that allow them to integrate harmoniously the staff of their school. Acting as a positive role model for the students, the mentor will demonstrate proper social behaviour as to strengthen the values of the institution, respecting its standards and maintaining a trusting relationship with the students.

Our Youth and Social Mentor for 2015-2016 is Mr. Rubens Ernest.

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