Our administrative staff supports teachers, students and parents with every facet of daily life at school. Whether it be literacy, mopping the halls, printing memos or budgeting expenses they keep our school running smoothly every day of the year.


Principal: Ms. Civita Tudino

Support Staff

School Secretary: Maria Argyriou
Secretary (50%) Vassiliki Rapanos
Library Technician: Anne Stoger
Spiritual Animator: Mary Poullas

Teachers by Grade

Teaching Staff: For a complete list of teaching staff please click here

Special Education and Child Care Workers:

Special Education Technician: Vittoria La Starza  
Child Care Worker: Subrena Boothe  
Child Care Worker: Jessica Cerone  
Child Care Worker: Jessie Charland  
Child Care Worker: Christopher Forde Harrison  
Child Care Worker: Ryan Kennedy  
Child Care Worker: Sam Soliman  


Day Caretaker: Richard Hogan
Evening Caretaker: Michael Kefalas


Technician: Ms. Georgia Stamatopoulos

Professional Staff

Psychologist: Cheryl Wiltzer
Speech & Language Pathologist: Raluca Oanea
Occupational Therapist: Amanda Vivona

Medical Staff

Registered Nurse: Andrea Mihailescu