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"Dunrae Gardens is not only about academic excellence, it’s about caring and devoted people. We knew as we walked into Dunrae Gardens, it was no longer a place- it would be a part of our home for the next six years." Elisa - Grade 3 Parent

  • Grade 6 at Camp September 2014
  • Grade 6 at Camp September 2014
  • Grade 6 at GMAA Soccer Tournament - October 2014
  • Junglesport at Dunrae - October 2014
Grade 6 at Camp September 20143 Grade 6 at Camp September 20142 Grade 6 at GMAA Soccer Tournament - October 20141 Junglesport Visits Dunrae - Oct 20144

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Education Minister Visits Mackay Centre and P.E. Layton Schools

English Montreal School Board (EMSB) officials are more optimistic than ever that a new facility will be built in NDG to house the Mackay Centre and Philip E. Layton Schools, following very encouraging words from Quebec Minister of Education, Leisure and Sports Dr. Yves Bolduc.

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