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The faculty and administrative staff at East Hill School would like to extend their welcome to current parents, new parents and website visitors.

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure, on behalf of the East Hill School Team, to welcome you to our website.

At East Hill School we strive to maintain a happy and safe and learning environment for our students, one that is conducive to learning and academic success. Our success with our students is achieved only through the concerted efforts of many.

Our team of teachers and professionals collaborate to guide and support our students through a rich learning environment where all students feel safe to explore, discover and grow to become independent thinkers and learners. We offer a French Immersion Program as well as an Integrated Italian Program. In addition to regular classes, we also offer our students two music periods per week, as well as weekly sessions in our computer lab where students learn how to work with various software. Furthermore, each class is equipped with a SMARTBOARD ready to support the ongoing teaching in class.

East Hill School also has a vibrant parent community, where parents generously volunteer their time in collaboration with our staff members to create fun days filled with everlasting memories. Through Governing Board and Home and School we work together to help our students face the challenges and celebrate the accomplishments. Together we hope to nourish the passion of learning in each child.

I invite you to browse our website. Enjoy a virtual tour created by our students. One visit and you will be convinced! Come discover a team of teachers, specialists, parents and students that are proud to be part of a vibrant learning community that fosters personal academic success and self-esteem.

Myrianne Lusignan, Proud Principal
East Hill School




Dear Parents,

Welcome to the wonderful community of East Hill School!

I am particularly proud to be part of the excellent team of professionals who make this school work. I believe in success for all students and I believe that this success begins with feeling safe and welcome at school. I quickly discovered that the East Hill community is caring and welcoming, as you are sure to experience once you walk into our school. I believe hard work, good attendance, and effective communication between home and school are key factors when ensuring student success. When home and school work together, our students are given their best chance at success.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss any issue your child may have at school. Let’s work together to ensure that our students have the best year possible!

M. Réal Heppelle, Vice-Principal
East Hill School