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East Hill offers a French Immersion Program. From the first day of Kindergarten, the students are fully immersed in the French language. Through various types of activities they will acquire the necessary vocabulary to be able to engage spontaneously in French conversations.

In grades 1 and 2, students will continue to be immersed in French language; they will learn how to read and write in French and acquire a strong base in their French Literacy skills. They will also be exposed in French to all other subject matters; Mathematics, Music, Phys. Ed, Media.

As of grade 3, the program is divided into French and English subject (see descriptive grid below).

Through French Immersion, students acquire a strong knowledge of the French language and grammar which strengthens their academic skills as they can make strong connections between the languages they are exposed to.

Guidelines for our Academic Program

Subjects Instruction Time
Cycle 1
Instruction Time
Cycles 2 & 3





French Language Arts 690   315  
English Language Arts       315
Mathematics 420     300
Media / Computer Tech. 60 sp     60 sp
Science integrated   60 gr.5 / 120 gr.6  
Geog. / Hist. / Citizenship     120 gr.5 / 60 gr.6  
Ethics   60   60
Phys. / Health Education 120 sp   120 sp  
Music 90 sp     90 sp
Plastic Arts 60   60  

Sub-Total Minutes

1440 mins

60 mins

675 mins

825 mins

Italian Integrated Program 90 sp 90 sp

Total Minutes

1590 mins

1590 mins

*SP indicates subject is taught by a Teacher Specialist


French Italian
1410 Minutes 90 Minutes