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Photo: Courtesy East Hill Daycare Photo Club


What is a Governing Board?

The Governing Board is the official parent body of the school and concerns itself with issues which affect the school community as a whole. It is composed of parents, teachers, non-teaching and support staff, daycare, and community representatives.

Meeting Dates 2017-2018

Members 2017-2018

Chairperson Jack Algieri
Treasurer Nadia Posteraro
Regional Delegate Adriene Taylor
Secretary Catherine De Sua Branson
Parent Members
Parent Delegate Ivana Lulianella
Parent Delegate Micheal Alfonso
Parent Delegate Maria Bologna
Parent Delegate Anna Tatufo
Staff Members  
Principal Myrianne Lusignan
Vice Principal Réal Heppelle
Teacher Luciana Clarizio
Teacher Carmela Vecere
Support Staff Laura Teoli
Daycare Connie Parry