École Edinburgh School

Programme français immersion - French Immersion Program

Teaching Staff

The primary interest of our highly-qualified, experienced, and energetic teachers is the education and well-being of all our students. Our teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and are committed to meet every child’s educational needs.

Kindergarten Hanna Abecassis
Kindergarten Catherine Brault
Grade 1 Crina Agheorghiesei
Grade 1 Isabelle Fortier (80%)
Christina Strigas (20%)
Grade 1 Sihem Ould-Babaali
Grade 2 Stéphanie Vaval
Grade 2 Brian Turgeon
Grade 2 Corina Businscaia
Grade 3 English Helen Botsas
Grade 3 Français Emmanuel Hamel (replacing Véronique Grandchamp-Brown)
Grade 4 English Pina Tregnia
Grade 4 English/Français Noor Affana
Grade 4 Français Geneviève Guay
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Grade 5 Français Geneviève Hébert
Grade 5 English Diane Beauch
Grade 5/6 English (6 HR) Jessica Hodgson
Grade 5/6 Français (5 HR) Viorica Leahu
Grade 6 Français
Avra Wiesenthal (80%)
Heidi Cederberg (20%)
Grade 6 Français Jean-Michel Brunet
Musique Français Radu Covaciu
Physical Education & Health Français
William Cho (100 %)
Amanda Gonzalez (78%)
Science and Technology Français Abdelghafour El-Hama
Resource   Chisette Sarenas
Angela Pietracupa
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