École Edinburgh School

Programme français immersion - French Immersion Program

Memos & Forms

Misplaced a notice sent home with your child? Deleted the email sent out by the Edinburgh office or Home and School? No worries. You can find the current and past notices in this section.

General Information

Safe School Action Plan

2017-2018 School Year

Uploaded: 2017-06-20

Success Plan

M.E.S.A. 2016-2019

Uploaded: 2017-01-27

Head Lice Protocol

Procedures 2014-2015

Uploaded: 2016-02-06


Declaration Concerning a Judicial Record

Procedures 2017-2018

Uploaded: 2018-09-04

School Board Memos

Suicide:Tips and Facts

Mental Health Resource Centre

Uploaded: 2016-09-13

School Bus Safety

Bus Carriers Federation

Uploaded: 2016-01-14

Emergency Preparedness Program Guide

For students, parents and guardians

Uploaded: 2015-09-20