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Montreal West Children's Library

The Montreal West Children's Library is a public library located in the school. It is jointly funded by the School Board and the Town of Montreal West. It serves all children living in Montreal West. There is a collection of some twelve thousand fiction and non-fiction titles ranging in levels from pre-school to junior high school. The library is staffed by two librarians, a team of volunteers and a part-time secretary.

During School

Each class has two regularly scheduled periods in the library during school hours, one in English and one in French. Students are also welcome to undertake independent reading or research after school.

After School

Library policy requires that all children be picked up by twenty minutes after school dismissal. We cannot be responsible for children left to wait for parents in the Library - please make appropriate babysitting arrangements.The school will be notified in the case of children being left unsupervised. In the case of emergency, please call us to arrange for your child to wait longer.

Contact Information

Telephone Number: (514) 484-7194


Visit the Montreal West Children's Libary Website: http://www.mwcl.ca