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6000 Fielding Green Committee

During the fall of 2011, in keeping with the EMSB Action Plan, the 6000 Fielding Green Committee, chaired by Mr. Robert Stocker, was established with representatives from each of the departments serving as members. Their mandate is to ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan in each department of the administration building.

Green Committee

R.A. Stocker, Chairman

Mario Argiropoulos – Adult Education         
Sylvie Beaudry – Cafeteria Services
Joanne Bisbikos – Secretariat
TBD – Region Offices
Luigi Di Filippo – Information Technology Services
Ivo Dittmar – Procurement (Financial Services)
Anik Malenfant – Pedagogical Services
Daniel Hogue (Material Resources)
Christine Dénommée – Human Resources
Lori Rubin – Student Services