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Transportation Services

Action Plan

Pillar 2 - Green and Healthy Space


  • Implementation of the GPS System (Zonar) on all of the regular school buses will closely monitor bus idling.
  • Ministry of Transport reimburses Transco the amount of $ 10,000.00 for each bus that is replaced with a vehicle equipped with the anti pollution system.

Pillar 3 – Sustainable Resource Use


  • Reduce mileage, by increasing the walking criteria.
  • Recommend and support “Walk to School”.
  • Recommend a “buddy system” for the younger students to be accompanied by older
  • Reduce the number of buses on the road.
  • Encourage grade 5 & 6 students to take public transportation.
  • Ensure that schools are equipped with bicycle racks for students riding bikes to school (Gr.5 & 6).
  • All paperwork, including Routes, Census, and Clientele Lists are e-mailed to our schools and
    contractors. We encourage them to save them on their desktop to eliminate paperwork.
  • Disciplinary tickets are scanned and e-mailed to us and saved in file folders.
  • Envelopes are reused several times.
  • Complaint forms are now scanned and e-mailed to the contractors.
  • Recommend turning off computer screen or put in sleep mode to save energy when not in use.
  • Turn off light when leaving your office for lunch, and or breaks.
  • Volunteer within the department that recycles plastic, glass bottles, etc.
  • GPS system will eliminate the log book as any information can be accessed by computer.
  • GPS system will eliminate the daily dispatch and reduce paperwork.
  • GPS system monitors drivers who are making “door to door” pickups thus reducing mileage.
  • Mechanical reports are now scanned and kept in computer file folder.