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Message from the Chair

Ginette Sauvé-Frankel


This past year, the Council of Commissioners approved a second mandate for the committee, along with a name change from Green Plan Committee to the Green Committee.

The EMSB Green Policy (2010) that encompasses the following four pillars: education; creating green and healthy spaces; sustainable resource use; and striving to be toxic free, was used to provide a framework for the creation of a five-year school board Action Plan. Last year, the EMSB Action Plan (2011-2016) was distributed to schools and centres as a basis for the creation of their own action plans. As a result, every school and centre submitted their own Green Action Plan and this past year they each submitted an annual review of that plan.

The second year of the Green Award and a Green Grant programs revealed increased popularity with over $30,000 worth of awards and grants distributed. The Green Award acknowledges the important and innovative green initiatives that have taken place in our schools and centres. Three Green Awards of $1,000 was bestowed to John Cabato (Pillar 1: Education), Gardenview (Pillar 2: Green and Healthy Space), and St. Monica (Pillar 3: Sustainable Resource Use) As well, Honoré Mercier, Marymount Academy and Royal West Academy were the recipients of Green Recognition prizes of $500.

The Green Grant Program help schools, centres and the administrative building implement future environmental initiatives.These projects are linked to their action plans, as well as the four pillars of the EMSB Green Policy.

Grant Categories

    Category OAK: Grants from $3,000 to $5,000
    Category MAPLE: Grants from $1,000 to $2,999
    Category WILLOW: Grants under $1,000

Willow: Edinburgh for  their project Green Team Garden, Edward Murphy for Schoolyard Garden: Focus for their Garden Project: Gardenview for Des légumes dans ma cour d’ecole;
Hampstead for Sensory Garden: and Honoré Mercier for Welcoming Garden.

Maple: Parkdale for their project Growing Up Green, Perspectives II for Community Roots Garden, and Westmount High School for Waste Management and Reduction.

Oak: John Caboto for their project Outdoor Classroom Space, Royal West Academy for Park ‘n Lot, and St. Monica for Garden Expansion and Arbor.

Also in keeping with the EMSB Action Plan, the 6000 Fielding Green Committee, chaired by EMSB Director General Robert Stocker, with representatives from each of the departments serving as members continued their work at Central Office. Their mandate is to ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan in each department of the administration building. Various projects implemented this past year included; a survey of water quality in school/centre water fountains; the conversion of all water fountains to metered fountains,  a reduction in the use of water bottles, and the distribution of laptops to Commissioners that enabled the distribution of all non-confidential documentation in electronic form.

Information pertaining to many exciting green initiatives in our schools, centres and the administration building can be obtained by visiting our EMSB Green website at: