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Policy & Action Plan


On June 16, 2010 the Council of commissioners approved the first Green Policy of the English Montreal School Board. This policy is in keeping with the English Montreal School Board’s mission to foster the development of educated and responsible persons who will assume their position as active members of a democratic society.


The Green Schools Initiative established four pillars which serve as the foundation for decision- making related to the establishment of healthy and sustainable schools and centres (see These pillars provide a framework for the objectives set forth within the policy which have been formulated with the understanding that any undertaking must be practical and financially viable. They are: Pillar I – Education, Pillar II – Green and Healthy Space, Pillar III – Sustainable Resource Use and Pillar IV - Strive to Be Toxic Free.

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Action Plan

In keeping with the objectives of the Green Policy, the Green Committee prepared a five-year Action Plan for the school board. The Action Plan was finalized by June, 2011. In 2011-2012, EMSB schools set their own green plan and all departments at the administration building elaborated their own green action plans under the guidance of the 6000 Fielding Green Committee.

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