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Pedagogical Resources

A list of links to websites that provide access to resources that may be of interest to teachers looking for classroom-based environmental projects.

Internal EMSB Resources

  • Films at the EMSB Media Centre: A list of films on the subject of recycling, the environment and related topics: Elementary [Link to file: Environment, recycling etc – Elementary-Dec2011.pdf]
  • A list of films on the subject of recycling, the environment and related topics: Secondary [Link to file: Environment, recycling etc – Secondary-Dec2011.pdf]

External Resources

  • Brundtland Green Schools »
    Launched in Québec in the early 1990s by the CSQ and its partners. This is a network of educational and health institutions whose members share a hope for a better world. A BGS is a school where people think globally and act locally in order to create a viable future. A link to the EVB brochure is available on this site.

  • Establissement vert brundtland »

  • Centre for Energy »
    A set of teaching resources for a variety of subject areas.

  • Earth Charter Commission »
    The Earth Charter Virtual Library includes access to handbooks, guidelines, and good practices.

  • Earth Day Canada »
    Lists a variety of projects, programs and resources for teachers.

  • Eco-°©‐ »
    C’est une webtv relationnelle indépendantesur la mobilité durable pour tous, lancée parAlternative Channel, en collaboration avec Renaulteco2. Les citoyens, les associations, lesenterprises et les institutions publiques sont encouragés à participer, sur cesite, au débat pour une mobilité durable.

  • EcoSource. Lesson Ideas for your classroom. »

  • EcoVoyageurs »
    Includes lesson plans, environmental awards programs, and information on EcoSchools. Also provides an eco-footprint calculator. Available in French and English.

  • Edible Schoolyard Project » A comprehensive database of resources for Teachers and Parents - searchable by Keyword.
  • Environment Canada »
    Free educational resources for educators.

  • EPA Victoria Ecological Footprint Calculator: Schools checklist.
    Measures resource consumption and converts this to the amount of land needed to a supply the resources and assimilate the waste generated. a schools’ ecological footprint.

  • Facing the Future »
    Resources for educators and administrators related to global issues and sustainable solutions.

  • Global Footprint Network »
    An international think tank that is working towards sustainability through the use of the Ecological Footprint », a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have, how much we use and who uses what. Includes a footprint calculator.

  • Go Green Initiative »
    Introduction and planning guide for school-site Go Green teams, along with Tips for Teachers.

  • GoGreen database »
    Provides access to a database of environmentally conscious teaching tools, including lesson plans, websites, and educational resources by topic, grade level, cost, or location.

  • Green Schools Alliance Climate Action Toolkit »
    This Tool Kit is about guiding schools, sharing best practices, providing inspiration and support. Includes information on benchmarking and planning audits.

  • Green Schools Initiative »
    Using the "Four Pillars" framework, this site provides information on forming a Green Committee in a school, sample vision statements, and other suggestions for greening your school.

  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency »
    Provides an extensive list of lesson plans for a variety of subject areas.

  • Learning for a Sustainable Future »
    A not-for-profit, registered charitable organization that was established in 1991 to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system. Includes information on programs and partnerships that advance, through education, the knowledge, skills, values and actions essential to responsible citizenship.

  • Ontario Ecoschools »
    Provides access to Program Guides (Five-step Process, Greening, Waste and Energy), K-11 curriculum resources and best practices.

  • Quebec Environment Foundation »         
    Fondation Québécoise en environnement
    - An educational toolkit directed primarily at teachers and students in Cycle three (Elementary). The team is available to come and present the toolkit in workshop format to groups of interested teachers.

  • Resources 4 Rethinking: Classroom Resources »
    R4R encourages students and teachers to participate in Earth Day. Provides a variety of classroom resources geared for Earth Day.

  • Taking it Global »
    Established in 1999, this collaborative learning community provides global opportunities, cross-cultural connections for youth to become engaged and connected in shaping a more sustainable world. Also provides access to a database of resources.

  • TD Great Canadian River Cleanup »
    An annual pan-Canadian conservation initiative for all schools.

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