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Action Plan Initiatives (2011-2012)

Check out the diversity of green activities that are schools and centres are implementing as part of their Green Action Plan. Maybe they will spark an idea for your school or centre!

Pillar #1 – Education

  • Field trips – Botanical Gardens/Biodome/Snatropol/Miron Quarry/Eco-Quartier/composting
  • Center/recycling plant/eco-museum/local municipality
  • Guest speakers/workshops/training sessions/student assemblies/classroom & in school activities ecology workshops
  • Pro-Vert presentation/Eco-Karma Exchange Program/Earth Rangers/Art Smart/Youth Fusion
  • Waste free snacks & lunch days/discourage use of bottle waters
  • Outdoor classroom in our eco-center/playground/greening project/arboretum
  • Food bank/Meals on Wheels/volunteering at farm
  • Posters to educate/announcements/inserts in agenda/knowledge transfer via video conferencing
  • Incorporating environmental awareness in curriculum-science/health/social studies/literature
  • Recycling ink cartridges/reuse to do art/paperless communication
  • ECA credit program/ESD education/enviro club/house team on protecting environment
  • Survey students using ecological and scientific area in the yard
  • Earth day/fund raising

Pillar #2 – Green and Healthy Space

  • Composting/reduce waste
  • Planting of trees/shrubs/flowers/vegetables/herbs/weed removal
  • Reusable utensils/dishes/containers/mugs/ eliminate styrofoam
  • Recycle milk cartons/juice boxes/paper/reusable water bottles
  • Earth club/green committee working on future strategies
  • Smart boards/portals/faxes rec'd as e-mails/communicate by e-mails/reduce photocopying
  • Water pots in rotation/school yard clean up
  • Conserve energy/reduce footprint
  • Reuse wood to make saleable items
  • Hot lunch program
  • Bike rack/recycling bins
  • Creation of outside classroom/green house/living green walls/outdoor green space/roof
  • Garden/eco-community room

Pillar #3 – Sustainable Resource Use

  • Reusable dishes/bottles/containers/utensils – no styrofoam
  • Save/conserve energy
  • Recycle - paper/aluminum/ink cartridges/batteries/milk cartons/cell phones/digital cameras
  • Use recycled paper and ink cartridges/reuse materials
  • Increase number of recycling bins/place in strategic places
  • Reduce paper use/double side photocopying, Ccommunicate via e-mail to parents/staff/e-newsletter – strive to be paper free
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Smart power strips/laptops/projectors
  • Water reservoirs to be installed; new water fountains
  • Weekly “no waste lunch” / composting
  • Promotion via Informational posters