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Who We Are

When the Green Committee was formed, part of the resolution was to ensure representation from each of the stakeholder groups. This includes commissioners, senior administrators, school administrators, staff, parents and students.

Green Plan Committee Members (2013-2014)

  • Chair - Ginette Sauvé-Frankel  (Commissioner)

    Frank Verrillo (Commissioner)
    Roma Medwid (Deputy Director General)
    TBA (Administrator)
    Danica Lewington (Administrator)
    Luce Demers (Teacher)
    Xavier Desilets (Teacher) One year leave
    One year leave Anne Villalta  (Pedagogical Services)
    Anik Malenfant (Pedagogical Services)
    Kacem Azzouni (Information Technology Services)
    George Alexiou (Financial Services)
    Luc Harvey (Community Services)
    Daniel Hogue (Material Resources)
    Marcus Lobb (Daycare Services)
    Viky Keller (Community rep)
    Anne Wade (Community rep)
    Ella Sparling (Student rep)
    Debra Fogel (Student rep)
    Casandra McKernan (Parent rep)

    Ex officio
    Angela Mancini (Chair, Council of Commissioners)
    Robert A. Stocker (Director General)