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St. Laurent Adult Education Centre

2 Campuses to Serve You Better!,
Saint-Laurent  H4M 1Z6 / H4M 1A7
  • Principal: Daniela Lattanzio
  • Vice-Principal: Maria Savignano
  • Phone Number: 514-337-3856
  • Fax Number: 514-337-8570
  • E-mail:
  • Web Address:

    New for the Fall Session
    Basic French Courses (Evening)

    Academic Fall course selection



    For Academic High School Level Courses

    2405 Place Lafortune West
    Ville St. Laurent H4M 1A7
    Tel.: 514-337-3856
    Côte Vertu metro, Bus 121 west, off at Bourgoin


    For Common Core Basic Education: Basic English, Literacy and Pre-secondary
    950 Fraser
    Ville St. Laurent H4M 1Z6
    Tel. : 514-337-3856
    Côte Vertu metro, Bus 121 west, off at Bourgoin


    St. Laurent Adult Education Centre is a community based educational establishment situated in the heart of St. Laurent. We serve a large multi-cultural student population and promote values of tolerance, non-discrimination, and respect for all people and property.

    St. Laurent Adult Education Centre is committed to meeting the needs of the community in a structured and supportive environment.

    As an important partner in life-long learning, we use a variety of teaching methods; we offer appropriated materials to improve literacy and introduce our students to life and work skills. We also provide students with the academic requirements needed to enter career and academic programs, whether in Vocational Training, CEGEP or University.

    Our staff takes every measure to recognize particular needs, so as to make arrangements in support of learning and success. While our staff will do everything to encourage learning, students are expected to have a strong desire to succeed, to be responsible, and to take an active part in their own learning.

    As a student of St. Laurent Adult Education Centre, one agrees to adopt centre regulations, to work diligently, and to behave in a manner that shows respect to all people and to all things, at all times.

    Need to complete your High School Diploma (DES)?
    Want to get into a trade (DEP)?
    Need prerequisites for a program?
    We offer secondary courses to fit YOUR goal!

    • DAY and EVENING

    Common Core Basic Education (Basic English, Literacy and Pre-secondary)

    • DAY ONLY : English High School Level Courses

    English Language Arts, Secondary 1 to 5
    French Second Language, Secondary 1 to 5
    Mathematics, Secondary 1 to 5
    Physical Science 436
    Physics 534
    Chemistry 534
    History of Quebec and Canada
    Options, selection varies by session, such as Computers, Biology, Economics, Geography, Law and Crime, Physical Education, Job Search Strategies …


    • Entrance requirements

    You must be a legal resident of Quebec, and at least 16 years of age before July 1, 2016

    • Documents Required (No Photocopies)

    If born in Quebec or other province:             

    long version Birth Certificate with parent names, and
    valid Medicare Card (RAMQ), and
    latest transcript of marks, and
    passport size photo

    If born outside of Canada:  
    As per your status and in original format  
    Canadian Citizenship Card/Certificate, or
    valid Permanent Residence Card, or
    Confirmation of Residence IMM 5292 or 5688 or 1000, or
    Quebec Certificate of Selection Category RA or R8,


    Canadian Passport or Passport from Country of Birth, and
    valid Medicare Card (RAMQ), and
    latest transcript of marks or equivalence, and
    Proof in your name of current address (examples: your latest transcript of marks from Quebec Education Ministry; Hydro bill; phone/cellular bill; driver’s license; lease; city taxes…). IF proof is in a parent’s name, must also bring your birth certificate; and
    passport size photo