Board Policies

On June 25, 1998, the Provisional Council of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) adopted a resolution (#98-06-25-11) transferring the existing policies and procedures of The Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM) to the EMSB to remain in force until such time as new policies and procedures were developed to replace them.

Since that time, the policy manual has undergone considerable revision and a number of new policies have been developed which reflect the specific orientations and mission of the English Montreal School Board. This process of revision and development is still in progress. The present manual reflects the current state of development up to December 31, 2003, and will have to be maintained and updated on a regular basis as new policies continue to be developed.

Each policy has been formatted to indicate the department responsible for its development ("origin"), the resolution number, which indicates the date and item number of its adoption ("authority") and any pertinent laws, other policies, guidelines, collective agreements, etc., to which the policy refers ("references"). Some, but not all, policies are accompanied by a set of procedures.

General Directorate Policies

Material Resources Policies (Previously Buildings and Grounds)

Student Services Policies

Secretariat Policies

Educational and Technology Services Policies (Previously Pedagogical Services)

Financial Services Policies

Adult Education & Vocational Services Policies

Human Resources Policies

School Organization Policies