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MONTREAL, JANUARY 27, 2012 – Despite her position as a special education technician at the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), in her spare time, Stephanie Gliksman decided to open up her own academy; on paper, at least.

Misfit Academy: When Kids Rule the School is the first in what will be a series of children’s books by Stephanie Gee, the more child-friendly pen name adopted by Gliksman. The creative and entertaining story features a Grade 3 student named Bobby Loo who daydreams about what school would be like if he and his friends were in charge.

While Bobby Loo dreams about a school yard featuring monster roller coasters, big shiny horses and mile-long monkey bars, a cafeteria serving up strawberry cappuccinos, gold potatoes and pink tomatoes and field trips to Timbuktu, he eventually realizes that while having all this fun, they would never be taught the invaluable lessons which they will need as adults, such as math, history and science.

If you would like Stephanie Gliksman to visit your classroom and read When Kids Rule the School to your Cycle 1 or Cycle 2 students, please contact her at: Following the reading, Stephanie engages in a fun, educational and very interactive activity with the students.

Misfit Academy: When Kids Rule the School is available in paperback at local bookstores including Jack and Jill Shop (5330 Queen Mary Road) and KidLink Books & Toys (5603 Monkland) as well as in e-book format from all major providers.



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