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MONTREAL, APRIL 24, 2012 – The sound of a buzzer led to a huge cheer as  Westmount High School’s Midget Girls Division 3 Basketball team capped off an undefeated season by a clinching the league championship in nail-biting fashion with a 19-17 victory over The Study.

The perpetual underdogs from Westmount High School overcame great odds to finish the season a perfect 10-0. The road to the finals was a rocky one as despite having only eight players healthy, the girls earned a ticket to the finals with a 42-39 victory over Lakeside Academy. The odds grew even greater as only seven girls were healthy to face The Study in the championship game. 

Led by MVP Braxtyn Husbands, against the Study, Westmount jumped to a 14-8 lead after the first half. Although momentum started to shift when The Study battled back to bring the game within two points, Westmount’s stingy defense denied them any chance of tying the game.

“I have never been as proud to be a coach,” said Dwayne Harris, Head Coach of the Westmount Knights. “It just shows you that hard work and determination go a long way.”

“I would also like to thank my assistants: Steven Montaque and Fitzroy “Fitz” Phillips who were invaluable throughout the year,” added Harris. “I know the girls learned a lot by having them on the bench.”

While the aforementioned Husbands’ carried Westmount on defense, Jessica Gomez-Huddy, Talia Alexander-Baptiste and Ana Da Silva led the team offensively.

“We would also like to dedicate this season to Sabrina Jafralie,” said Harris. “Sabrina’s moral support and organization truly helped us secure our victory. Sabrina wasn’t able to finish the season due to injury, but I know her encouragement was echoed in her teammates on the court.”


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