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MONTREAL, MAY 17, 2012–  Rosemount High School  has  welcomed the entire student body and faculty from John F. Kennedy High School  in St. Michel to cohabitate with them for the remainder of the academic year. The facility which houses JFK High School and the JFK Business Centre is closed for the next few weeks following the discovery of   traces of asbestos. This is a precautionary measure to allow additional air quality testing to be conducted in the building.  

Student ambassadors from RHS, as well Principal Demetra Droutsas and her staff and Regional Director Claude Dansereau, greeted JFK students upon their arrival. JFK Principal Joseph Marra held an assembly for his school’s students to start the day.  He introduced them to their temporary home and explained how the school assimilation would work. It’s business as usual for Rosemount and JFK classes, as they are being conducted separately.

Following the early assembly, JFK students and teachers were guided to their assigned classrooms by the RHS student ambassadors. Aside from the expected minor orientation logistical issues, both schools were happy to report that day one  went according to plan.

“The administration of both schools exhaustively and meticulously planned for this day and we’re pleased to say that it went well,” said Ms. Droutsas.
Moving forward, it is fully expected that JFK and JFKBC will return their facility for  the start of the 2012-2013 academic year. JFKBC students are now being housed at the Rosemount Technology Centre’s two campuses and at the Shadd Busines Centre in N.D.G.


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