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MONTREAL, MAY 22,   2012 – Inspirations Newspaper: a snapshot of our special needs community, is honouring the 2012 Canaccord Wealth Management Caregivers of Inspiration, The Early Intervention Centre Team, which includes Cora Amenta, Murielle Beaulieu and Marilyn Silverman, at a general assembly award ceremony on Wednesday, May 23 (1:30 p.m.) at Crestview Elementary School in  Laval (750 Devonshire).

Sponsored by the English Montreal School Board, Inspirations provides uplifting success stories and timely advice in the area of special needs, brought to you by experts in various fields. It is produced in collaboration with other  public school boards, private schools, CEGEPs, universities and special needs institutions.
The Canaccord Wealth Management Caregivers of Inspiration award honours outstanding caregivers for their work with children with special needs. This award presents an opportunity to share a fresh perspective, a story, with peers, teachers, professionals, parents of children with special needs and the public.

The Crestview Elementary School Early Intervention Centre (EIC) Team is a perfect example of how exceptional caregivers can change the course of the lives of young students with special needs. An intake classroom for children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and other disabilities, the EIC is led by teacher Gloria MacLean, who describes these aides as an essential part of a multidisciplinary team. “The success of this centre is based on the dedication of this team. These women (Cora Amenta, Murielle Beaulieu and Marilyn Silverman) define determination – their work ethic is outstanding.”

These aides assist with academics and help kids socialize; put on their shoes and coats. They state that they are humbled by their students: “They teach us patience; that there is no such thing as failure; rather, there are opportunities to discover different paths to success.”

Parent Stephanie Winterford’s son Zachary graduated from this class nearly one year ago, carrying with him what he learned from the EIC. She is thankful every day that he experienced this remarkable team. Sam Mahler and Canaccord Wealth Management are proud to be sponsoring the Caregivers of Inspiration award. Canaccord Wealth Management is Canada’s leading independent investment dealer, providing comprehensive wealth management solutions and services to private clients.


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