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MONTREAL, JULY 5, 2012- In an effort to demonstrate the negative effects of discrimination, the English Montreal School Board  launched its first annual Anti-Discrimination initiative  recently in the form of a poster contest.

Students from all EMSB secondary schools were invited to build creative posters displaying the short and long term effects of homophobia and its role within society. In keeping with the EMSB’s anti-homophobia policy, the winning posters were distributed in all the high schools for the  International Day Against Homophobia in May.

There were an outstanding number of entries from students at all secondary schools, specifically Westmount High which submitted the largest number. They have now been entered into the Gris Montreal/Simple Plan Foundation pool of potential recipients for a $2,000 bursary to be awarded in September.

Two winning posters from  Westmount High which truly depicted the negative effects of homophobia, as well as the indication of hope for change, were chosen as first and second prize winners. Congratulations to first prize winner Rachel Mudrosky (Grade 10)  and second prize winner Shira Azoulay (Grade 11). 


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