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MONTREAL,  NOVEMBER 26,  2012 -   Rick (Rico) Genest a.k.a. Zombie Boy, the internationally famous artist and model will be at Marymount Academy (5100 Côte St. Luc Road) in N.D.G. on Tuesday, November 27 to film an anti-bullying commercial.

A native of Chateauguay, Quebec, Genest will meet with students at 4 pm.  He is especially known for his elaborate body art of tattoos covering eighty percent of his body (skull included).  Genest had a pronounced cameo in Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way,” filmed in New York City.  In the video Gaga is in full “Zombie Boy” makeup, as they play a rather provocative mother/son scenario with Genest literally being birthed by the loins of Gaga herself. Of the experience Genest says, “Gaga was very approachable and has a great sense of humour with an unwavering work ethic. It was easy working with her and she knows how to put everyone at ease. She is a highly-skilled, intelligent and dedicated performer.”

The new video Genest will film at Marymont will serve as an anti bullying message which flows from a recent copyright infringement settlement with Los Angeles based Twentieth Century Fox spearheaded by Genest’s Montreal lawyer and business manager Colin Singer. The infringement was well publicized, having occurred in the hit show American Horror Story, the most popular download on Amazon.  The infringement has a character on the show committing a brutal massacre in a university library. 

“The video, which will star Rico and which we are self-producing, will re-create a similar scene from the show and develop into a message that bullying is not cool,” says Singer. “We also pleased to have a Montreal based sponsor - Leave Out Violence, best known as LOVE.  This video will become the platform for a future series of on-line short video productions to continue developing the Zombie Boy brand.”

The group LOVE (Leave Out Violence), which works with students at many EMSB schools, is also supporting the project.


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