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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 18, 2013  -  Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban because she refused to abandon her campaign for girls' education, has caught the attention of Secondary II students at John Paul I Junior High School (8455 Pre Laurin ) in St. Léonard.

Working with their ethics teacher Simone Nichol, the students have prepared a petition in support of Malala and girls education. They will present this to their Federal Member of Parliament, Massimo Pacetti on Tuesday, February 19 (3:15  p.m.)  at 5450 Jarry St East suite 102.

“The students were really impressed how one brave girl had moved the world to action on equality and social justice issues such as access to education for girls,” said Ms. Nichol.  “Malala has become a great role model and she has helped the students understand what it means to be global citizens.”

Ms. Nichol explains that the students had the freedom to express what they felt about Malala’s courageous spirit by doing different projects. This included a video rap song and short play - written especially for Malala, as well as very moving power point presentations. Another group decided to organize the petition. It is hoped that Mr. Pacetti can help get this in the hands of the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Education. Furthermore, Ms. Nichol would like to see the Canadian government accept the petition as well.

The United Nations supports Malala’s heroic efforts and “calls on all countries to outlaw discrimination against girls. We call on international organizations to ensure the world’s 61 million out of school children are in education by the end of 2015”. (A World at School

“The students hope that this small action, the petition, will make a positive difference in the success of girls being able to attend school,” she said.


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