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Launch of a petition by the Coalition for Priority in Education - Let us make public education a true priority

MONTREAL, February 11, 2013 — The Coalition priorité éducation [Coalition for Priority in Education], whose spokesperson is Mr. Boucar Diouf, has officially launched a petition targeted to make education a true priority in Quebec. Initiated by the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (FCPQ) [Federation of Parent Committees in Quebec], the petition has the support of many partners from diverse backgrounds, i.e. parents, unions, school principals, administrators, professionals, academics, and members of financial, cultural and community sectors.

The coalition will collect signatures from the interested parties for submission to the National Assembly this spring. "This coalition is a non-partisan gesture; either for nor against a political party, nor for or against a government, but to challenge ALL members of the National Assembly. The coalition does not suggest ways or means. Such is not its role. The coalition asks members of National Assembly to act. The impact of cuts are no longer tolerable," says Gaston Rioux, President of the FCPQ.

According to information gathered by the partners, including the FCPQ, education cutbacks affect direct services to students, undermine the quality of their educational environment, affect perseverance as well as academic success. "Ultimately, that leads us to inquire whether education is a priority, adds Mr. Rioux. For this reason we have decided to put forward a series of actions intended to sensitize the National Assembly and the general public to the importance of taking the necessary steps to make public education an absolute priority in Quebec.”

The Petition
The President of the FCPQ now wants to "circulate this petition, so that it collects as many signatures of support as possible. Therefore, I call on all Quebecers. It is for our collective future that we take this action. Education must become a true priority. People can sign the petition on paper, with those who will cover all the regions of Quebec. Starting today, they can also sign the petition on the website of the National Assembly or on the website of our coalition at:”

Finally, Mr. Gaston Rioux “thanks every one of the partners. Your support is vital to the success of this project. I also thank Mr. Boucar Diouf who generously agreed to be the spokesperson of the event. I also thank those of you who will sign the petition. The timing could not be better since we are in Perseverance Week. Sign the petition; it is a concrete gesture from us parents to emphasise the importance we attribute to perseverance and success in school and education in Quebec as a priority.”


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