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MONTREAL, MARCH 27,† 2013- The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Council of Commissioners has †confirmed that a proposed new high school in CŰte Saint-Luc will be named Wallenberg Academy. It will begin operations for the 2014-2015 academic year, provided an optimum number of 60 †students enrol next fall.

EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini stated that unlike previous attempts to bring a new mainstream high school to the former Wagar High School facility, †now called the Giovanni Palatucci† Facility, plans† call for an appropriate window to be given to† introduce an enriched curriculum and an open house† in early fall 2013. The new school would cohabitate with John Grant High School, Marymount Adult Education Centre, the CARE Program and the EMSB Book Processing Centre. †

The EMSB ran a successful name the school contest last fall and early winter. Commissioner Syd Wise, who heads the task force studying the option, notes that there was† a natural connection between the names of Palatucci and Wallenberg.† Palatucci was an Italian police official who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.† Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Consideration was also given to naming the school after two† distinguished Montrealers, the late poet Irving Layton and the late† writer Mordecai Richler. †

It is the intent of the EMSB to start the school with Secondary I students. The school concept has the full cooperation of the City of Cote Saint-Luc and Mayor Anthony Housefather, who sits on the task force. Plans call for sports concentration, heritage languages and enriched science, English and music programs to be offered.

A public information meeting will be held in May for parents and an open house next fall, followed by a registration period.

For more information call 514-483-7200 ext.†7429.


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