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MONTREAL, APRIL 26, 2013 While Montrealers breath a sigh of relief with spring in full swing, for students at John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel, winter cannot return soon enough as the next snowfall will mark the inaugural season for the school’s hockey program.

Beginning next fall, in collaboration with “T.E.C.H Le but,” John F. Kennedy students will have the opportunity to either learn a new sport or further develop their existing hockey skills in a bilingual environment.

In the inaugural year, 24 students from each grade at John F. Kennedy High School, for a total of 120 , will participate. The program will be open to both male and female students.

T.E.C.H., which stands for Technologies, Education, Community and Hockey, was created to provide the youth with a different approach towards education by catering to their interests of technology and sport. Martin Longchamps, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame (2004), founded the program to ensure that these children remain actively involved in their education while providing them with the necessary tools to ensure their inclusion and growth within society.

Once enrolled in the program, students will engage in 20 to 30 weeks of on-ice activities and training. Additionally, they will have routine off-ice meetings with both a nutritionist and a kinesiologist. The athletic activities will run in conjunction with 20 weeks of technological training that will follow an academic framework adapted in collaboration with John F. Kennedy High School.

Students will be loaned hockey equipment free-of-charge. Additionally, they will be provided with the necessary technological equipment to fulfill the second half of the program.



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