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MONTREAL, MAY 6, 2013 – John Grant High School (5785 Parkhaven) in Côte Saint- Luc is gearing up for an exciting spring as both musical and visual projects are set to round out the school year.

On display beyond the main entrance of the school is the students’ multi-cultural project, which was envisioned and built by students and paid for courtesy of  a multicultural grant.

Work began in February when students decided to construct their “ideal world,”  This was one of respect and where all cultures and diversity are understood and accepted. The project represented a collective desire for acceptance and equality.

As a result of many class discussions, students demonstrated a greater understanding of racism and biased views in society. The special population of John Grant clearly understood diversity and the need to be recognized for strengths, not shortcomings.

Rich in color and vibrancy, the sculpture radiates with positive energy and lively school spirit. Purple was chosen for the figures as a statement of oneness. Additionally, purple represents the blood in our veins, which is universal and flows within all of us. The youth in our 3D project hold up our imperfect world, with an abundance of hope, pride, and youthful creativity.

While the display will be a showpiece of the school for years to come, the musical talents of the students will be on display for one night only as John Grant will hold their annual Spring Concert on May 16 at 6:30 p.m.



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