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MONTREAL, MAY 14,  2013 - Students in the Secondary III  International Baccalaureate  class of Lauriane Smolla  at Marymount Academy in N.D.G. won top honours recently  at Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival.

The project called Romeo and Juliet was made up of students paired with teams from College Jean-de-Brébeuf. Six groups of three to four students from Ms. Smolla’s class “were formed and paired with the teams in one of the three classes at  Brébeuf.” The Marymount students were the youngest in the group. Blue Metropolis sent 14 topics that the students could choose from to write about. After a workshop with author Jonathan Harnois-Poirier, and some back and forth writing with Brébeuf,  the Marymount students ended up with six stories. After deciding on one story, they were put to work at creating a movie trailer called Journal de Jack, which Blue Met filmed at Marymount and starred student William Houle in the leading role.

The students chose the actors, the scenes to shoot and the props. They did not see the finished product until all the trailers were presented at the Festival.  This is ensemble work at its best. Students working together to create, produce and enjoy the results of their hard work. Out of the six trailers presented at the Festival, Marymount won two prizes. One, Best Story, was shared with Brebéuf.  Ms. Smolla also wishes to thank  the filmmaker who worked behind the scenes with the students, Patrice Laliberté.  “He was really good to the kids during the day we filmed! “ she said.

The top award, Best Movie Trailer, was won by Marymount alone. Here is the link:


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