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MONTREAL, MAY 28, 2013  – Working alongside the Canadian Red Cross, the English Montreal School Board has become the first school board in Quebec to fully implement Beyond the Hurt, a bullying prevention program.
The first wave of EMSB students to complete the course will be receiving their certificates of completion at Royal Vale School (5851 Somerled) on Wednesday, May 29 at 4 p.m. The ceremony is sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross and Domino’s Pizza.

In total, six EMSB high schools: James Lyng in Ville Emard; LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent; Marymount Academy and Royal Vale High School in N.D.G., Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount and Westmount High School have implemented the program. Students were trained in March.   

The goal of Beyond the Hurt is to create a safe environment for youth by providing effective bullying prevention education and customized support through presentations and structured educational activities. The program is directly in line with Bill 56, Quebec’s recently enacted legislation to prevent and stop bullying in schools, as it effectively provides a means of involving youth in bullying prevention.  

EMSB Violence Prevention Consultant Daphna Leibovici initiated contact with the Canadian Red Cross to explore the possibility of importing this program to Quebec after its successful implementation throughout Canada. To date, the violence prevention wing of the Canadian Red Cross, RespectED, has educated more than five million Canadian children.

As a bonus to the EMSB, Nicolas Nadeau, RespectED Provincial Lead for the Red Cross obtained a Heritage grant enabling EMSB high schools to bring this program, valued at $2,500 per school, to their students at no charge.

Through a variety of different means, Beyond the Hurt delves into the dynamics and effects of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Furthermore, it will empower the youth to resolve and prevent these problems as well as teach them to find and use resources to properly respond to bullying and harassment, both in person and online.

Significantly, the program is sustainable. Students will be trained to conduct presentations on bullying prevention to their peers which will help nurture a positive culture in the schools as well as empower the youth to become better citizens of the world.



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