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Teaming up with the Right to Play organization, students and families from St. Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel raised $1,400 recently to benefit the organization’s mission of using sport and play to educate and empower youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities.

With a fundraising thermometer present at the entrance to St. Dorothy, students from the inner-city school were able to track their efforts on a daily basis adding extra incentive to reach their goal.

In addition to various perks for breaking through monetary barriers such as a free period in physical education class, the principal wearing the school uniform or the kindergarten teacher spraying her hair pink, a Right to Play Day was organized where students donned a red t-shirt to represent the red ball which serves as the organization’s logo.

“Jonathan Stein, our physical education teacher at St. Dorothy brought the idea of getting our students involved in supporting Right To Play to the Governing Board last year,” said Rocco Barbieri, Commissioner for St. Dorothy. “The parents embraced the idea and Jon, whom the kids love, did a masterful job in promoting it and keeping them engaged and excited. The initiative was an incredible success!”

Established in 1993, Right to Play works with children throughout the world. Annually, it costs $50 for one child to participate in weekly programming which involves more than games; but also teaches youth important life lessons, such as football will bring forward lessons of tolerance and peace, while tag will educate about malaria. Through the simple act of playing, life lessons and skills like cooperation, leadership and teamwork are passed onto youth throughout the world.


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