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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 – For Réal Heppelle, a teacher at Honoré Mercier Elementary School in St. Leonard, the annual fall apple picking field trip has become too predictable.

Bucking the tradition, he decided to kick off the year not with a trip to the orchard, but by heading straight to the core. On Thursday, September 26 and  Friday, September 27, students will see tons of apple cores and everything else imaginable as they will all take a trip to the BFI Canada landfill in Lachenaie.

Leaving the school (8280 Nantes) at 8 a.m., the students will take a 25-minute drive to the landfill, where their school bus will take a ride on the mountains of garbage. The visit, organized by BFI Canada and conducted entirely in French, also includes a detailed lesson on how garbage produces electricity, composting, and about the operations of the landfill from pickup to how falconers keep the work-site safe.


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