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MONTREAL, September 27, 2013-   The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Council of Commissioners has approved a partnership agreement with the Bibliothèque de Saint-Laurent for the creation of a library card for students within their borough.

From the EMSB this includes  one high school, LaurenHill Academy and three elementary schools:  Cedarcrest, Gardenview and Parkdale The Strategic Plan and Partnership Agreement of the EMSB has as its goal the improved mastery of the French and English languages.

EMSB  officials attended the launch, hosted by Borough Mayor Alan DeSousa, and expressed their appreciation for the initiative.

An active partnership with the Bibliothèque de Saint-Laurent will allow students to gain access to a greater number of literacy-enhancing resources. In addition, it will bring together both municipal and school libraries in an effort to work both independently and interdependently to support the learning of students.  The application of reading and information literacy skills in out-of-school contexts encourages students to gain autonomy and participate with civic engagement at all stages of their lives.

The schools will provide a form to parents to be signed, giving authorization of personal information toward the creation of a library card and to share information on patron responsibilities of the Bibliothèque de Saint-Laurent. Once the appropriate documentation has been filed, each student will be given their individual library card.


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