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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 21, 2013 –The school library has always been a place where interests grow, passions bloom and literacy levels climb in young people as they experience great books.  Today, the school library is also a place for inquiry, collaborative learning, the development of critical thinking skills, and meaningful connection through virtual spaces.

Roch Carrier, Canadian author and National Librarian, has described the school library as “the heart of a school.” To celebrate reading in the 21st Century, so central to what libraries are and on the eve of National School Library Day on Monday, October 28, the EMSB would like to announce an exciting initiative that is now in the works. October 28 to November 1 has been designated as EMSB Library Week.

EMSB Reads is modelled after the CBC program Canada Reads, and is designed to inspire student reading by way of some fascinating and accessible books.  A diverse collection encompassing Graphica, fact books, biographies, books on the urban arts, humorous fiction, and much more, is presently being shipped to all school libraries. Participating staff will install this collection in a prominent place and encourage students to vote, via ballot, on their favourite books from the bunch. Books garnering the most votes will be shortlisted in February. Selected secondary students will have an opportunity to defend their top pick from the shortlist by creating a promotional video that will be posted on the EMSB website. Then, in April, all students will cast their votes online to elect a single title to be the EMSB Reads Winner. 

EMSB School libraries are presently marking La Saison de la Lecture de Montreal, a Montreal-wide initiative aimed at encouraging reading until November 25 (



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