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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 28, 2013 –  English Montreal School Board Chairman Angela Mancini wishes to state that the Council of Commissioners has no intention of complying with certain key provisions of draft Bill 60, the proposed Charter of Values,  should it be passed by the Quebec National Assembly.

The  Council of Commissioners has approved a resolution declaring that it will not accept certain provisions of draft Bill 60, nor will it adopt any policy to ensure the implementation of any of the related elements of the proposed legislation

 “The English Montreal School Board wishes to make it clear that it cannot accept the provisions of Bill 60 which relate to the wearing of objects such as headgear, clothing, jewelry or other adornments which, by their conspicuous nature, overly indicate a religious affiliation of Bill 60 should it be passed by the National Assembly,” commented EMSB Commissioner Dr. Syd Wise, who moved the resolution. “The EMSB values the diversity of its students and staff and respects their personal and religious rights which are guaranteed both by the Canadian and Quebec Charters of Rights. We cannot be party to a proposed legislation, which if passed,  runs contrary to what we teach our students insofar as tolerance, respect of individual rights and religious freedoms are concerned.”

Bill 60 states that public institutions must adopt policies to implement the charter, and post those policies on their websites. Commissioner Patricia Lattanzio, a special advisor to the chairman on government relations, further moved that the EMSB will not adopt any policy that warrants the respect and implementation of the proposed provisions of Bill 60.

The EMSB intends to present a brief at hearings in early 2014.


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