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MONTREAL, JANUARY 24, 2014 With Kindergarten Registration week on the horizon (February 3 to 7), teacher Julie Ann Etheridge decided to inspire her secondary students at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount by asking them to use their childhood memories to create a unique banner.

Many new and exciting things are happening within the English Montreal School Board, especially within the arts. The Arts Are Alive@EMSB is the newest campaign and will be formally introduced at a January 24 press conference hosted by Chairman Angela Mancini. This campaign will aim to promote excellence in the arts and expose students to this discipline in many different forms while having tem outside the box and see things in an entirely new light.

With these goals in mind, Ms. Etheridge created a unique and interactive project for her secondary students to welcome in this new initiative. The assignment invited students to create a banner with Kindergarten Registration week being the creative muse. “For the banner, the students brainstormed ideas from their childhood and decided upon images that best represented the excitement of going to school for the first time,” she said “The goal of using symbols such as the bright yellow sun and the red school-house, was to reflect drawings that young kids create.

All the artwork that was integrated into the banner by the following students express that the arts are truly alive at the EMSB: Alessia Fiorilli, Tiziana Arcuri, Stefanie Kouzas, Victoria Castelli, Nadia Vignogna, Diego Loggia, Tristan Vieira, Sacha, Harmony Fontes, Andria Fasciano, Thuvarragga Kandiah, Vinetha Velautham, Sara Velardo, Amanda Velardo and Marco Di Francesco. The banner will be displayed in The Arts are Alive @The EMSB press conference. The event will be held at James Lyng High School on January 24th from 12:30 pm onwards.VMC is committed to promoting academic excellence within an enriched and structured CEGEP preparatory program. As one of a variety of alternative schools within its public educational system, the EMSB is recognizing the diversity of the students it serves. VMC is dedicated to responding to the needs of the above-average student and to the expectations of their parents for such an educational institution within the public school system.


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