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MONTREAL, JANUARY 24, 2014—As part of the English Montreal School Board’s new
campaign aimed at promoting excellence in the arts (The Arts Are Alive@EMSB), the Before and After School (B.A.S.E.) Enriched Daycare Program wishes to underline some of its creative arts programs at a press conference held at James Lyng High School.

Artist Sylvia Garland facilitated a sculpting atelier with B.A.S.E. kindergarten students, on the eve of the annual Kindergarten Registration Week . Sculpture is at the core of the B.A.S.E’s Creative Arts initiative, along with printmaking, painting, drawing, beading, card making, drama and theatre, music and creative writing. Available in all of the EMSB’s 29 daycares, nearly 3,000 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 participate in creative arts programs outside of regular scholastic hours. Twenty-eight B.A.S.E Technicians, 185 B.A.S.E Educators and 20 B.A.S.E. tutors from Concordia and McGill Universities facilitate the art programs with the students. B.A.S.E also enlists services from professionals in the industry, such as Sylvia Garland.

“Through Garland’s vision and artistic talents, B.A.S.E. students have been able to experiment with different mediums where their ideas become tangible manifestations,” said B.A.S.E Manager Rosa Fuoco. “With every child who Garland works with, she invites them to become their own creators.”

Since 2009, Garland has guided hundreds of students to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art that are displayed at the Administration Building. Garland and students from 20 daycares collaborated on revamping the atrium into a green space that houses vegetation and sculptures. The facelift was completed over a period of two years. The first art installation is frames suspended from the ceiling holding sculptures that represent activities that students get to enjoy in daycare, such as animation, photography, filmmaking, music and journalism. The significance of this installation is to show the intangible links that bind relationships in the daycares. The second art installation is a woman tree, which represents every member of the daycare staff who supports the children under their care. The branches of the tree represent the children in daycare.

Garland also spearheaded the creation of a giant puzzle made up of 29 pieces. Children of varying nationalities holding hands around a tree that carries the globe makes up the puzzle. Each daycare painted one piece of the puzzle, which is also on display at the Administration Building. The B.A.S.E Daycare Program celebrates its students’ artistic talents every year with a creative arts festival. The festival showcases films, music and artwork produced by the daycare children.


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