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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 10,  2014This year’s fourth annual Hooked on School Week started off with a musical flair, which runs through Friday, February 14,  will promote the important subject matter of supporting youth in their efforts to succeed. To kick things off, Rosemount High School   welcomed popular young American singer Taylor Mathews to their auditorium stage.

Mathews  became famous for his own success story. Originally discovered on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, he wowed the judges and fans across America to become a top finalist, most notably for his fresh, guitar-driven rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. America's Got Talent is a reality television series that is set up in a talent show fashion. It features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages. Following the series, Taylor immediately embarked on a national tour with the show’s finalists, playing large theaters to thousands of adoring fans each night, which included tweens and teens as well as their parents. On February 10, Mathews performed three of his original songs for the students. After the presentation,  he stressed the importance of staying in school and absorbing the unique experience of what is high school.

“What I loved about high school was that there was a sense of community,” he said. “Life is scary; I mean that’s why Google was created; we are always trying to figure it out. However there is no sure fire success plan for life. The great thing is that you have high school! This environment and this community where you guys can always learn from each other and grow together. Sometimes you want to break down, but that’s the roller coaster of life. You can’t let it get the best of you just because it gets hard and bumpy sometimes.  

“You have all the right tools within the community of a high school to make any dream or goal possible.,” he continued.  “You just have to create it. You have to stop looking so much on the outside of what you don’t have and realize what you do have because you can make a lot out of it.”
A few teachers and even students put  an emphasis on the connection between Taylor, the arts and staying in school.

“I think the arts have a lot to do with keeping students in school because not everyone is going to be the math whiz or the scientific genius. I know a lot of students get discouraged because their marks are low in certain subjects,” said Rosemount High School music teacher Andrew Mangal.  “In my years of teaching I have found that the arts have been a safe haven for these students and play a vital role in keeping them motivated in school.”  

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