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MONTREAL, JANUARY 25, 2002- McGill Department of Integrated Studies in Education Chairman Dr. Anthony Parť will be the keynote speaker on Thursday, February 7 (7 p.m.) at a very special "Open M.I.N.D" meeting at 4563 St. Urbain Street. Presently located in the Bancroft Elementary School facility, Moving In New Directions (M.I.N.D) High School has until February 27 to convince the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Council of Commissioners that its enrolment is strong enough to continue for a 27th year in 2002-2003.

Dr. Larry Morris, chair of M.I.N.D.ís Community Council, says that the recent publicity surrounding the schoolís future has rejuvenated the program. M.I.N.D. boasts a program for self-motivated students who feel they need a change from the larger high school environment. McGill has proposed a new collaborative pedagogical link which could see M.I.N.D. housed within the confines of McGillís Faculty of Education and serve as a model school. A new M.I.N.D. Alumni Association has been formed and a number of these members will be on hand Feb. 7 to give testimonials about what this school did for them. On Thursday, January 31 (2 p.m.) guidance counselors from the EMSB secondary school network will tour M.I.N.D., meet with students and staff. A new multi-media CD presentation targeting parents is now also available while a revamped website ( is online.

New and prospective students, and their parents, are being invited to meet the faculty and find out more about M.I.N.D.ís special mandate. For more information call 842-0792.

There are weekly seminars involving students and the schoolís individual project option offers students a way to gain credit by pursuing their own interests. Instead of homerooms, students have academic advisors to follow their progress. Teachers offer at least five hours per week for personal tutoring or counseling. A CEGEP-style timetable means students have one-hour classes at the same time every week with mixing and accelerated grades based on a student's capabilities. Free periods let students do their work, access M.I.N.D.'s resources or seek help from teachers. There are no dress codes or bells.

M.I.N.D. is a co-managed school in which the parents, students and teachers generate all school policies at monthly community council meetings. M.I.N.D. believes teacher-parent communications are paramount to a student's education. Parents are invited to speak with the student advisor or teachers on any subject.

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