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MONTREAL, MARCH 26, 2014 – The English Montreal School Board wishes to reassure residents living in the immediate vicinity of Rosemount Technology Centre at 3737 Beaubien Street East that the necessary measures are being taken to reduce the noise level for the welding exhaust system.

EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini stated that the EMSB is doing everything possible to ensure that the reduction of the noise level from the welding exhaust system at Rosemount Technology Centre (Centre) conforms to current municipal by-laws, and allows residents to enjoy a quieter living environment.

The EMSB has an action plan in place and intends to replace the exhaust system by August 29, 2014.

Dating back to January 15, 2013, the EMSB was informed by the City of Montreal that the municipal by-law governing noise levels had been modified. That May, the city conducted noise tests to determine if the Centre was complying with the municipal by-law. The EMSB and a representative of an external firm were also on site to perform the similar tests. Test results were received on June 13, 2013. Immediately, the EMSB communicated with various contractors to engage a company to work with the city’s experts to find solutions to resolve the noise problem.

A meeting was subsequently held with the city’s Inspector to discuss concerns that the ambient noise level was higher than the noise level stipulated in the municipal by-law. The city later referred the EMSB to an expert at the Polytechnique to help select the proposal that would best solve the problem.

Last July the EMSB required clarification from the city on various technical issues concerning the frequency and the octave band that the tests were taken. No responses were received from the city representative, therefore, written follow-up communication was sent in August, September and October. The EMSB subsequently discovered that the city’s Inspector working on this file was on sick leave and no replacement was named to work with the EMSB. Last December the neighbours held a meeting with Centre Principal Harry Michalopoulos. The EMSB also communicated with the local Borough office, requesting a response to the technical questions posed in August. The city’s Inspector returned from sick leave and responded in January 2014.

A meeting aimed to conclude a plan held in February, with newly elected City Councillor Guillaume Lavoie being brought into the process. At this time EMSB Director of Material Resources Daniel Hogue took responsibility for the file.

The EMSB mandated a firm to proceed with a feasibility study to replace the exhaust system for the welding fumes at the Centre and a meeting was held with residents again to update them on the progress.

The EMSB action plan includes a transition measure to take effect on April 25, whereby acoustic panels will be installed to reduce the noise level of the current exhaust system. By May 30, the EMSB will present its plans and specifications of the proposed exhaust system replacement to the city in order to obtain a construction permit. A public call for tenders will follow in mid-June, with the full installation set to occur by August 29.

“We have always worked in collaboration with the city on this dossier” stated Ms. Mancini. “We wish things were under our control to move things along faster. However, we have had to follow protocol. Nonetheless, we wish to reassure residents that we take their concerns seriously and look forward to a positive resolution for all concerned.”


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