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MONTREAL, APRIL 4, 2014 Cedarcrest Elementary School in St. Lauren  has been selected as a finalist in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge competition, in which the winner will receive an outdoor classroom valued at $20,000.

Voting for the contest runs from April 7 to May 5 and is open to the general public, whom can vote daily, via the contest website:

“We believe that our students will benefit from having the opportunity to take their learning outdoors and experience fresh air and a sense of freedom, without the roof and four walls around them,” said Principal Nadia Sammarco. “The ability to reach all learners is of the upmost importance in modern day teaching and we have all come to understand that teaching within the confines of the classroom isn’t always the best for all – therefore having this outdoor classroom would provide us with the space to reach outside the box.”

Working on getting out the vote for Cedarcrest is teacher Stephanie Tulli. Stephanie believes that the outdoor classroom will encourage the main goals of Cedarcrest which is to instill respect and responsibility, encourage an open mind and an open heart and to stimulate learning in unique and creative ways.
“If we were to win our space would include trees for silent reading and relaxation, vegetable and plant growth to teach the students how to grow and maintain plants, as well as to use the food within the classroom for projects,” said Tulli. “There would also be a hands on art and science section with tables and discovery zone. Lastly, we will have a seating section were there will be a large chair for the teacher to sit and instruct the students who will be seated upon tree stump chairs.”

You can also follow Cedarcrest's campaign on Facebook: CedarcrestTOK and on Twitter:CedarcrestTOK


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