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MONTREAL, APRIL 4, 2014 – The library at Cedarcrest Elementary School (1505 Muir Street) in St. Laurent  needed a makeover. After assessing the needs, the Home and School Association realized that not only did the library require new content, such as books, e-books and computers, but a fresh design and paint job was greatly needed as well. What to do?

While fundraising did help, the members of the Association decided to think outside of the box and try some new initiatives to aid in the total re-vamping of the library. After careful thought, list making, cold calls and reaching out to connections, things began to fall into place. One member wrote a letter to Home Depot, explaining the project. Later, Home Depot agreed to donate six litress of paint and all painting supplies to the school to design the new library.

From that point on, the new library initiative grew. Target Canada has many outreach programs where they help out in the community and upon hearing the Cedarcrest request, Target Canada sent over many volunteer workers from their stores to help paint and set up the new library.

  Principal Nadia Sammarco also reached out to their local Chapters Indigo. Since 2009, Chapters Indigo has had a program called “Adopt a School.” For three weeks every fall, the “Adopt a School” program unites Chapters Indigo employees, customers and their communities in raising money to rejuvenate elementary-school libraries across Canada. During this three-week process, Chapters Indigo Laval donated a percentage of the money that was earned through sales to the school. They also were able to supply the library with twenty-eight Kobo Readers.

“We really want to turn this library in a library of the 21st century,” stated Ms. Sammarco. “We sent all these business partners  a thank you card and plan on inviting all of them to the library inauguration.”


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