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MONTREAL, JUNE 5, 2014 – Long before the season’s first snowstorm, Nabiha Tadorian and her students from Marymount Adult Centre in Côte Saint-Luc were thinking of a way to help out the city’s homeless population.

After speaking with, and subsequently helping, an individual someone whom was unhappy with the state of his life, Nabiha and her colleague, Sandra Costa, took the advice they gave to heart: there are individuals whom, unlike he, have no food, warm clothes, family or a roof over their head. They decided to help, in any way they can.

As educators at the Marymount Education Centre, both Nabiha and Sandra also wanted to develop a project that not only would help the homeless, but could incorporate their students, and alas, Every Stitch of Hope was born.

“We started off only with our group, knitting during our down-time, which would be lunch,” said Nabiha. “After people began hearing about our project, others wanted to contribute as well.”

In fact, word of the project reached Sandra’s sister in New Jersey, whom, after informing coworkers of her sister’s project, received a number of donations in order to purchase the wool.

“We were and will always be grateful and appreciative of the generosity of strangers, said Nabiha. “Very quickly, we had seniors, family members and some other employees involved as well.”

“We all started knitting. Everyone had their own pattern, which made it interesting to see how every person brought in their personal touch and imagination. While it took a while, together, we ended up knitting 25 scarves over a one-year period.”

Yet, knitting was only half the project, as the scarves needed to get into the proper hands.

“Along with a few of our students, we went downtown and started giving out the scarves to the homeless,” said Nabiha. “We explained to them our project, and they were very open to our gifts.”

While Nabiha, Sandra and their team of knitters made a difference in many lives this past winter, they realize that the need is continuing to grow, and as such, they hope the project will as well.

“We would like to take this one step further and get other people involved. Whether it’s during their lunchtime, break-time or just as a hobby: we hope people will take the time to knit and help us grow Every Stitch of Hope.”

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