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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 20, 2014The English Montreal School Board has recorded the highest success (graduation) rate in the entire province of Quebec among public school boards, figures released by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS) show. The 87.8 percent mark is based on a seven year cohort, meaning it followed the progression of students from 2006 to their graduating year in 2013. It is significantly higher than the 82.3 percent registered in 2013.

 “This new accomplishment is another confirmation of the excellence of the work that has been done by our phenomenal pedagogical team at the board and in the schools and centres,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “This success is possible thanks to everyone associated with the EMSB, from our staff, parents, volunteers and of course our students.”

As Ms. Mancini emphasizes, “at the EMSB our goal is to work towards success for a variety of learners. Those who have baggage that they carry that make them less ready to learn. The challenge of our pedagogues is to help each and every one of these students, regardless of their situation. An 87.8 percent success rate is a testimony to how our board, through a variety of initiatives, is achieving this goal. It is the firm commitment to our strategic plan and partnership agreements that make this success possible. This type of achievement comes from team work and perseverance.  Great organizations are built by the people. It is the strength of our team that makes us a great board.”

Stated EMSB Director General Robert Stocker: “We must credit the schools and their contribution through meeting the goals in their Management and Educational Success Agreement.”

In its Partnership Agreement with the MELS, the EMSB had a goal of 86 percent for graduating class of 2013 and 88 percent for 2020. “We have surpassed that target and have almost reached our 2020 objective,” maintains EMSB Deputy Director General Roma Medwid. “I would like to thank our Pedagogical Services Department for accompanying our schools on a most successful journey.  I also want to underline the part that our Student Services Department played in supporting all of our students, including those at risk and with special needs. This success rate is possible because we all worked to help those who were on the edge of success. Daycare Services, as well, made sure that the students were cared for and provided them with enriching learning situations after school to complement what the school offered during school hours.”  

Ms. Medwid notes that the teachers and administrators have worked diligently to differentiate instruction to provide for rich learning experiences to provide for the best opportunity for success. “Parents, as collaborators, must also be mentioned as a key ingredient to the success of our children,” she said. “All of our stakeholders have an impact on our student success.”

To put the EMSB’s present numbers in better perspective, the average success rate among all Quebec schools (public and private) is 75.8 percent while it stands at 71.9 percent for public schools only.

The complete listing of how each board in the province did can be viewed on the EMSB website at


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