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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 28, 2014-  The Director General of Elections of Quebec (DGEQ) has  confirmed that the only people allowed to vote in school board elections on Sunday, November 2, 2014 are those already placed on the list of electors at the board in their territory. Individuals who do not meet this criteria and request to be accepted by showing two pieces of identification will be turned away.

Pierre Yves-Bezzaz, The Chief Returning Officer  (CRO) of the English Montreal School Board,  contacted the DGEQ  and requested this information in writing. It will be communicated to all school boards on Wednesday.

“Any contrary information found on the internet or communicated through word of mouth is incorrect,” stated Mr. Bezzaz. “The DGEQ, the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports and the EMSB will do their best to alert the electors that on Sunday, November 2, only those registered on the EMSB electoral list will be permitted to cast their ballots with this school board.”

Any parent who has a child registered in an EMSB youth sector elementary or high school as of September 30, 2014 is automatically on the list.  In addition, any elector who made a choice prior to the November 2007 elections and had his/her name entered on the EMSB electoral list is included. These individuals would have signed a special form. Others domiciled in the same household aged 18 and over who do meet the latter criteria and did not sign a special form prior to October 14, 2014 will not appear on the electoral list. 


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