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MONTREAL, AUGUST 26, 2015 –   One of the exciting programs offered at Shadd Health and Business Centre in NDG is Assistance in Health Care Facilities.

The 750 hour program prepares students to practice the occupation of “Patient Support Worker,” which assists patients to carry out a variety of activities in daily living. This program is in accordance with recent laws, ministerial policies and orientations that govern health and social services. It is also based on integrative concepts such as the living environment and holistic approaches in responding to the health needs of our growing population.

In 2014, Shadd inaugurated two new modern authentic health laboratories with state of the art equipment. Students who learn in these labs become confident and develop certain psychomotor skills (skills that require varying levels of well-coordinated physical activity and precise procedures), in order to provide the basis for safe, competent care to patients and families in the clinical setting. The health laboratory environment supports and enriches student learning prior to their clinical stages.

The long-awaited and Glen site  of the McGill University Health Centrehas become the prized facility for health care givers. “Our students in the Assistance in Health Care Facilities Vocational Program were among the first to be accommodated for their clinical stages in the Glen facility this past summer,” notes Principal Roma Medwid. “Shadd teachers and students join the hundreds of healthcare professionals and industry partners who are now a part of the MUHC community.”

In preparation for the Assistance in Health Care Facilities Vocational Program and for students to begin their practicum, all clinical teachers attended a half day orientation session mandated by the MUHC in order to facilitate the smooth transition and integration of our students into the Glenworkplace. “This new facility will allow our learners the unique opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and knowledge within a high-tech, ultra-modern learning environment,” says Ms. Medwid. “It will enhance and enrich the experience of our future graduates making them employable at the end of their training. In fact, recent graduates were retained and employed by the Glen facility. What a testament to the high quality graduates who complete their studies at Shadd!

“Our graduates will be called upon to provide basic care and services to persons of all ages who are sick or who have physical or mental disabilities on the basis of a care plan. This involves offering the basic care that they are trained to provide, helping clients to carry out their everyday activities, helping them organize their living environment, ensuring clients’ safety and intervening in crisis or emergency situations. Graduates may also help clients integrate and socialize in individual or community activities. All of these tasks require establishing a relationship of trust with clients and their loved ones.”

Program graduates work in the public, private and community health networks, in particular in hospital care units as well as nursing homes, group homes, residential and long-term care centres (centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée-CHSLD) or similar types of environments.

“For those thinking of a change in career, they should come visit our high tech Assistance in Health Care facilities at Shadd,” said Ms. Medwid.
Shadd is located at 1000 Old Orchard Avenue, below Upper Lachine Road.

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