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MONTREAL, JUNE 8, 2004— About 150 students, personnel and dignitaries attended the official inauguration of the English Montreal School Board’s (EMSB) Galileo Adult Centre in Montreal North on June 3. The school moved into its present facility in 2002-2003, but only changed its name from General Vanier to Galileo this year, primarily to avoid any confusion with the elementary school located in St. Léonard.

The centre now carries the name of early 17th century Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who created a storm of controversy when he discovered that the Earth was not located in the centre of the universe, but revolved around the sun.

"This is a special place, where students seek to make changes in their lives," said the centre’s outgoing director Gregory Lang. The Galileo Adult Centre teaches seven high school subjects including English, French, Math, Chemistry and Canadian History, as well as computers, environmental studies and marketing.

Denis Coderre, Member of Parliament for Bourassa and President of the Privy Council, remarked about how the Galileo Adult Centre represents what Canada is all about. "It’s a sign of inclusion, solidarity, integration; it provides you with all the tools to make a difference. In fact, their slogan should be ‘The Sky’s the Limit’," he said. Also in attendance were St. Léonard-St. Michel MP Massimo Pacetti, Montreal North borough Mayor Marcel Parent, Galileo Centre Governing Board Chairperson Vince Galati, English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Adult Education and Vocational Services Director Rosario Ortona, and EMSB Commissioners Sylvia Lo Bianco, Rosa Cerelli and Agostino Cannavino.

The ceremonies included the unveiling of the Galileo Centre’s official coat of arms and flag, as well as a painting by Peruvian-born student Margarita Quinonez. The artwork, which was specially commissioned by the centre, is prominently displayed in one of its corridors.

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